Team & Culture


We have experienced team with IT skills. Team members are very experienced in web development and design. They can work with every latest technology according to client's requirement. They have experience with products such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and many more.

Our team has excellent communication skill. The most important skill is understanding with each other in crowd. By their power of unity, they can finish every task successfully.

We have maintain our procedure (Standards) that we are following in each and every project. It give us more accurate results for client. We learn from our experience and troubles and we are growing up day by day for best services.


Holistic learning requires great team composition. At Acquainteck we have human resource with the competency of Research, Marketing & Sales, and Technical.

Build Trust

We believe in inculcating trust before business. Hence our priority is to provide with magnificent customer experience. Therefore offering free demo services to our customer.

Customer Support

Providing majestic experience to customer requires time investment. At Acquainteck we are available to address your query 24*7 hours. Being an organization majorly involve in overseas company we ensure our presence round the clock.


Nourishing a culture where we position our employees as core asset to our company. Satisfies employee gives satisfied customer. Therefore people’s matter matters to us. Acquainteck ensure career customization for their human resources.

Employee Engagement

Employee give best output when their interest are in synchronization with their roles & responsibilities. Here at Acquainteck we believe in hiring Talent accordance to their best expertise. Acquainteck hires best skill & competency inculcated in Talent rather than opting for best candidate we prefer your best competency.